Accessibility seeks to eliminate, or at least minimise, the barriers that certain groups of users come across when using the Internet and thus allow their access to information. The difficulties of the users may be physical, mental or related to the technology that they use:

  • Sight, hearing or mobility problems
  • Difficulty to understand the content
  • Browsing not very intuitive
  • Slow connection
  • Outdated web browsers or which do not interpret the content correctly
  • Lack of certain devices (mouse, keyboard, etc.)

Bizkaia Provincial Council is aware of the importance of accessibility online, meaning that everyone can access the Bizkaia Provincial Council content, and it therefore seeks to comply with accessibility and improve every day.

The website conforms to Web 2.1 Content Accessibility Guidelines, Level Double A and the HTML 5 recommendation, with special emphasis on the separation between structure, presentation, content and functionality.

Compliance with standards

All the pages that include the following icons comply with the Accessibility Guidelines or General Principle of Accessible Design, Level Double A, established by the WAI Working Party of the W3C:

  • Conformance icon - legislation regulating the HTML5 code
  • Conformance icon – legislation regulating page accessibility

Visual design

The visual design is in accordance with the W3C recommendation regarding the cascading style sheets, level 3 (CSS3).

If the browser or browsing devices does not support style sheets, the site content is fully legible thanks to its structural marking.